We are Except, an IT company that aims to deliver solutions that make your life easier.
We have 10+ years of experience and we focus in web technologies, scalable systems and IT security.



We make our Development based on your requirements. We use multiple technologies such as: PHP, Python, Java and Perl.


Because Network is what makes data flow, we build our solutions with security, performance and scalability in our minds.


We combine Development and Network to Design great solutions and we put a cherry on the top with an easy, friendly and appealing User Interface.


Our custom consultancy services can provide you a great technical solution to solve your problem.

  • Cloud & Big Data
  • OpenStack
  • Cassandra
  • GlusterFS

  • Security
  • Firewalls
  • Remote Management
  • Penetration Testing

  • Languages
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP


We rely on widespread and cutting edge technology to provide you secure, stable and reliable services.

We work with premium datacenters both in the US and Europe. They provide our servers access to some of the world's best networks and state of the art technology ensuring the maximum uptime and reliability of our services.

36€ / year
200MB Storage
5 databases
Technical support
cPanel, PHP & MySQL
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48€ / year
800MB Storage
10 databases
Technical support
cPanel, PHP & MySQL
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90€ / year
3000MB Storage
50 databases
Technical support
cPanel, PHP & MySQL
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Bruno Almeida

I consider myself as a generalist and curious person that likes to know how things work. During my professional and academic path I developed skills in many fields such as: computer networks, software engineering, design, web development and management.
In retrospective I think that is what pushed me to start this business.

We started in 2003 under the name cubiX. After 10 years we felt the need to re-invent ourselfs and so we re-branded to Except. Initialy the services we provided were mainly web development and hosting, but, along the way we expanded our service list towards consultancy in demanded areas such as Big Data, Cloud Infrastructure and Security.
Our multidisciplinary competences allow us to deliver solutions that require a wide range of expertise's.

I am looking forward to hear from you!


You can reach us via
00200 Helsinki

P: (+351) 938 544 600
E: hello@exce.pt

Biz ID: FI 2539644-3
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